A Totally GREEN and FREE* Communication Solution

The PHP System

Saves time, money, effort, and makes communication more efficient

- Dedicated to Preschools and Childcare Centers
- Designed to communicate to single or multiple locations
- Saves schools money, time, effort and makes parents happy
- Access the system via your own website as an option
- Test the live DEMO school with full functionality before signing up
- Sign up your school and use the system without any obligation

Why preschools like to switch to the PHP system?
 • Eliminate copies and paper distributions.
 • Instant School-Parent and Parent-Parent private communication.
 • Individual group communication website for each school or class. Secure and Private.
 • Newsletter, Bulletin Board, Library, Gallery, Calendar, Member Directory, and more.
 • Communicate with multiple school branches and their members with simple clicks.
 • Easy to sign up, easy to use and Free* Membership.

Why parents like to use the PHP System?
 • Contact school and know your child’s daily activities easily.
 • Arrange play dates and propose group activities to make your children happy.
 • Receive emails instantly of important school postings on website.
 • Get all school information and events from one source.
 • No need to save paper notices or check old emails.

How to get started?
 1. School Signs Up to establish a private group website instantly(takes < 5mins).
 2. School invites parents/teachers to sign up with your group’s registration key.
 3. Parents/Teachers join the school group with “User Sign-Up” (takes< 3mins).

Want to know more about the PHP system?
• Visit PHP's DEMO to check out the actual demo school or learn more details.

* Voluntary contribution per PHP Terms and Conditions.

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